Why should I maintain my roof?

All roof systems are susceptible to deterioration brought on by chemical and physical stresses that represent the normal aging process. As this deterioration occurs, small isolated problems such as leaks and loose shingles can not only accelerate the aging process, but also create a situation where your roof will fail. If left undetected, these small problems can escalate over time until the damage is more extensive, and expensive to correct.

Another reason for proper preventative roof maintenance is that most manufacture and workmanship warranties require that you, the owner, conduct semi-annual inspections, document the findings of the inspection, and make necessary repairs. Failure to ensure that all of these actions are taken can mean that you are not maintaining the roof, which may leave the warranty void.
Benefits of Maintenance
Debris removal and gutter cleaning.
Priority service to existing clients.
Semi-annual inspections along with Roof Reports.
Eliminate expensive emergency repairs.
Correct minor problems (Proactive).
Saving money by extending the roof life.
Minor tree trimming of overhanging limbs.
Discount on repairs, re-roofs & roofing-overs.
Checking all penetrations and resealing.
Keeps you in compliance with workmanship warranties.
Protect the building and contents.
Increases the value of the property

We also offer Multi-Site Complete Wall & Roof Inspections with Detailed Reports
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